Hi friends,

    I am Pravin Patel From Ahmedabad , Gujarat India, working as a Government Teacher in Primary School. I suffer a lot to acquire Government Job because of less general knowledge and other government Rules. Today , I am very happy and i feel job satisfaction from my current job. there are lots of way to earn money but in that way we don't feel job satisfaction and loss our morality, we don't get proper respect from our boss.


Right now I am working as a teacher in School , I feel very Proud and Respect.In this field teacher play role as parents and guide of students. we getting lots of respect from society. Not only Teacher but all government job are respectable and they are responsible person to society and country.

Before a decade ago people get government job easily way,but in present cut throat competition getting government job is not so easy as before. Many students have dream to get government job in any way, But they can't get it because of they don't have sufficient knowlrdge and right direction. They don't know what to do for exam preparation , how and when to start preparation for particular exam for getting good score.


From that blog , we have to help those students who doing preparation of Government job. Student can get update about Government job and lots of free EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS from my blog. In such a way we solve difficulty and questions regards Government job and Competitive exam style, Exam Syllabus ,Online Application , Government Policy about recent opened recruitment , Vacancy in Perticular field etc...


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