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Archimedes ( lived  c.287 BC - c. 212 BC )

Archimedes is the best known mathematician and scientist from ancient times.
Additional to brilliant discoveries in mathematics and physics, He was also an inventor.

The Archimede's Screw......

Still in use today. One of Archimede's gretest inventions is the Archimedean Srew.
Archemedean probably invented this device when he visited Egypt, where it's still used for irrigation. The screw is also helpful for finely divided solids such ash,grain, and sand to a higher level

Robert Hook  ( Lived 1635 - 1703 )

Robert Hook discovered plant cells and discover Hook's law- the low of elasticity
He also invented

1) invented the balance spring , vital of accurate timekeeping in pocket watch
2) invented a machine that cut teeth for cogs used in watches - these cogs were cut in finer details than any person could have managed, enabling more delicate watch mechanisms to be developed.

Benjamin Franklin ( Lived 1706- 1790 )

Benjamin Franklin discovered one of the fundamental laws of physics - the laws of conversion of electric Charge -and proved tht lighting is electricity , 
He also invente

1) invented bifocal spectacles
2) invented the franklin stove
3) invented the lightning rod.

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